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Weider Utility Bench

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Get a great workout any day of the year with the Weider Utility Bench. This bench is perfect for the home and can adjust to any training position in seconds with the quick and easily adjustable seat and backrest. The seat and back operate independently of each other to move into the flat, incline, decline, and military bench positions. They are also sewn and box stitched, with high density foam, providing the quality you need so your workouts will last.

Enhance your home gym with the Weider Utility Bench, a foundational piece of equipment for any weight room. Build strength across your entire body with a variety of exercises supplemented by your bench. Sculpt your chest with flat, incline, and decline barbell presses (weight not included), or easily move your bench into an upright position to strengthen your shoulders with challenging military press exercises. Your Weider weight bench is totally versatile, making free weight workouts more effective and supporting you through body-weight based exercises as well. Brace yourself against your bench as you engage in tricep dips, elevated push-ups, or stimulate your core muscles with weighted sit-ups and Russian Twists. High-density foam padding cushions your body, making for a more comfortable lifting experience. Included is a professionally-designed exercise chart that offers multiple workout suggestions and illustrates proper lifting form so you can amplify your strength-training routine for better results.

Fully Adjustable Bench

Challenge yourself with a variety of lifts in decline, flat, incline and military bench positions. Effectively target a variety of muscles across your entire upper body Built to support both free weight and body-weight-based exercises

Sewn Two-Tone Seats

Sewn two-tone seats are easy to wipe clean and are more durable than stapled-on seat covers

High-Density Foam Backrest

Lift in comfort on your heavily padded Weider bench

8 Bench Positions

Easily adjust your bench between 8 positions to target muscles across your entire body with a variety of strength-building exercises in the comfort of your own home gym

Integrated Transport Wheels

Moving heavy exercise equipment isn't fun. Luckily, the Weider Adjustable Utility Bench is engineered with rear-mounted transport wheels that make moving your equipment from room to room a breeze

Prone Leg Raise

Adjust your Weider bench into a flat position, lay prone, and lift your legs into the air to target your abs and obliques in one effective exercise. For an added challenge, consider using ankle weights or resistance bands

Single-Leg Lunge

Don't neglect your lower body - instead, place one leg on the Weider Adjustable Weight Bench to perform single-leg lunges. Switch off between legs for a robust workout in the comfort of your own home gym.

Seated V Crunch

The Weider Adjustable Exercise Bench supports both bodyweight and freeweight exercises. Strengthen and tone your abs by performing a seated V crunch, using your Weider bench for support.

Tricep Kickback

Training your triceps has never been easier. Using your own dumbbells (sold separately), simply lock your shoulder into place and perform tricep kickbacks for a targeted tricep workout.


  • Fully Adjustable Bench
  • Sewn Two-Tone Seats
  • High-Density Foam Backrest
  • 8 Bench Positions
  • Integrated Transport Wheels
  • Prone Leg Raise
  • Single-Leg Lunge
  • Seated V Crunch
  • Tricep Kickback
  • Adjustable ergonomic utility bench
  • Flat, incline, decline and military bench positions
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Extra stability during work-outs
  • Great for abdominal training
  • High-density foam backrest
  • Box-stitched and sewn seats
  • Transport wheels
  • Exercise chart


Brand Weider
Colour Black
Dimensions L 127 X H 58 X W 140 cm
Max user weight 136kg
Type Bench
Weight 25 kg