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Valentine's 30 Stem Freedom Red Roses Flower Bouquet

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For the perfect Valentine's gift, send 30 Freedom Red Roses to your loved one. Among the different types of flower, roses are one of the most popular. Two dozen Freedom Red Roses elegantly intertwined with 4 stems of Eucalyptus. Among the different types of flower, roses are one of the most popular. Roses are seen as an emblem for beauty and love, with their large, cup-shaped blooms and bright petals.

Eucalyptus refers to a large genus of flowering trees which have over 700 different species and contain many health benefits. This bouquet contains mixed species of Cinerea, Parvi and Robusta leaves. The name is derived from Greek roots meaning 'well covered' and refer to the wide spread nourishing silvery leaves and are easily identifiable with their aroma and exfoliating bark.

To ensure your bouquet is maintained at its very best, we recommend you:


NB - Your flowers will be delivered dry in a flower box. It is normal for some flowers to look dehydrated on arrival but after just a few hours in water you should see an improvement. To get the very best out of your bouquet you should cut 2cm from the base of the stems and place into a vase of water including the flower food provided. Please ensure the water is kept topped up and change every 2 days to maximize the life of the flowers.

Please note: There is no timed delivery. Delivery will be made before 1pm on the chosen delivery date. Delivery to the following Scottish postcodes will be made before 8pm: AB10-AB16, AB21-AB30, DD1-DD9, G83-G84, KY8-KY10, KY14-KY16, PH1-PH14.





  • Cut the stems 2cm from the end
  • Remove all leaves below the waterline
  • Use a clean vase and add 2 litres of fresh water to your bouquet
  • We have included a sachet of food to keep your flowers fresher for longer. Add the sachet of flower food to the water
  • Maintain the water level at 2 litres by regularly topping up as this produces greater water pressure
  • Number of stems: 34 Roses: 30 Eucalyptus: 4




Average stem length 50 cm
Colour Red
Eucalyptus 4
Flower colour Red
Flower life 7 days
Head size 5 x 4 cm
Roses 30
Type Flowers
Vase included No