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Twelve South

Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand in Black

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You have the most gorgeous laptop in the world, so why wouldn't you match it with the most beautiful stand? Design is important when it comes to MacBook accessories, which is why you should put it on top of Curve. It is the ultimate combination of style and functionality, thanks to its gorgeous matte finish and improved ergonomic design.It's not just a matter of raising your screen to eye level. It's easier to combine your MacBook with a full-size keyboard, mouse, or tablet while it's parked on Curve. With the addition of an extra display, you may create a comfortable command centre for more sophisticated activities. Curve will help you get more done on your MacBook when you're working for long periods of time.Long hours crouched over your MacBook might be a genuine pain in the neck. Curve alleviates this discomfort by raising your MacBook screen to an ergonomic standard of 6.5 inches above your desk. You'll feel less tension in your neck and shoulders if you sit up straight and look squarely at your screen, enabling ideas to flow out of you. That is how it should be.Still using a clumsy stand designed for a 7-pound Apple PowerBook to support your lightweight MacBook? Curve is a simple, stylish support designed for the latest and greatest notebooks. Curve features two skinny arms for optimal ventilation and easy support of today's ultra-light MacBooks. Curve also allows you to open and close your MacBook without the hinge becoming tangled, as it does with flat, outdated supports. Curve is crafted from aluminium and features non-slip silicone grips on the bottom and arms. There are no extra parts to loose, fall off, or break in the attractively curved one-piece design. Curve is a fixed-height stand that is strong enough to allow you to type and interact with your MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.


Brand Twelve South
Colour Black
Dimensions H14.9 x W26.3 x D22.2 cm
Type Laptop stand
Weight 650g