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Tado° Home Bundle - Wireless Starter Kit with 4 x Universal Smart Radiator Thermostats

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Tado° is your Climate Assistant that ensures a comfortable & healthy climate, whilst considerably reducing your energy consumption. This bundle includes a tado° Starter Kit (V3+) with an Internet Bridge and 4 tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats.

The basis of your setup is a tado° Starter Kit (V3+) with the Internet Bridge to connect to the internet.

The smart way to control your heating and hot water

Replace your old thermostat with the tado° Smart Thermostat with Hot Water Control and experience a new level of comfort and control, whilst saving energy and reducing your heating bills.

Easy to install

This Starter Kit can be self-installed and tado° provides easy to follow instructions based on your current heating set-up.

It works with combi-boilers and those with a hot water tank. It includes the tado° Extension Kit, which allows the Smart Thermostats to operate wirelessly, meaning you can position them wherever you desire.

View tado° installation: Smart Radiator Thermostat

Easy to use

The highly rated tado° app enables you to schedule and control your heating and hot water from anywhere, as well as providing insights and reports about your home climate and showing you the energy savings made by tado°.

Control your hot water

This extension kit connects directly to your boiler and allows you to control the hot water in your home when used together with the Smart Thermostat V3+.

Save on your heating bills!

Tado° increases the efficiency of your heating system, as well as improving your comfort at home with the help of its smart Skills:

4 Universal Smart Radiator Thermostats

The 4 Smart Thermostats allow more control of your home climate by setting the right temperature, at the right time, in different rooms or zones. They will help save even more on your heating costs through the Multi-Room control which allows you to change additional rooms and zones individually. You can manage all zones in the tado° app for a clear overview.

The universal radiator thermostat fits most radiators with thermostatic radiator valves (various adapters are included) and it can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on the type of radiator.

Includes: Starter Kit: tado° Smart Thermostat, tado° Internet Bridge, 2 sticky pads, 3 AAA batteries, 2 wall mounting screws, 2 wall plugs, Labels for wiring, UK Power supply, USB cable, Ethernet cable, Extension Kit: tado° Extension Kit. Cable, Luster terminal, Euroblock plug, RAST5 plug, 2 wall mounting screws, 2 wall plugs, Labels for wiring, 4 x Universal Smart Radiator Thermostats





  • Schedule and control your heating and hot water from anywhere through the highly rated tado° app
  • Packed full of energy saving skills, including Open Window Detection
  • Use multi-room control to schedule and control 4 rooms or areas with the tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats
  • View tado° installation: Smart Radiator Thermostat
  • View tado° installation: Wireless Smart Thermostat
  • Geofencing - tado° uses your phone’s location to alert you to turn the heating off when the last person leaves and preheat your home back to a comfortable temperature for your return
  • Open Window Detection* - lets you effortlessly turn off your heating for a short period when it notices open windows or doors
  • Weather Adaptation - saves you money on warmer days and ensures your comfort is maintained on colder days




Brand Tado°
Colour White
Dimensions Smart Thermostat: H 10.4 x W 10.4 x D 1.9 cmInternet Bridge: H 8.1 x W 2.7 x D 2.2 cmExtension Kit: H 15 x W 10.2 x D 2.8 cm
Type Smart Thermostat
Weight Smart Thermostat: 132gInternet Bridge: 61gExtension Kit: 210g