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  • Smiths Coffee Co. Animal Range Ground Coffee Selection, 4 x 227g - Signature Retail Stores
  • Smiths Coffee Co. Animal Range Ground Coffee Selection, 4 x 227g - Signature Retail Stores
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Smiths Coffee Co. Animal Range Ground Coffee Selection, 4 x 227g

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Smith's Coffee Company's Animal Range selection pack is an ideal gift for any coffee lover. The pack contains 4 x 227g packs, one single origin and three blends, which are all varying in strength and flavour and are suitable for filter or cafetiere coffee drinkers.

The hand illustrated label designs were created to highlight the link between coffee producing countries and endangered wildlife. In purchasing this gift pack you will be helping to preserve endangered wildlife and their habitats as a donation will go to wildlife conservation programmes in coffee growing countries around the world.

Crema Blend – Crema blend is a true global traveller made up of at least one coffee from every coffee growing continent in the world they have been delicately blended to deliver a vibrant, strong and pleasant espresso without any bitter aftertastes - perfect for those who prefer a smoother, less bitter espresso. Crema has a distinct fruity aroma, on the palette the initial taste is of citrus fruits with undertones of herbs and freshly cut grasses, the body is full of rich chocolate and caramel notes combined with subtle tastes of nuts and spices. The flavour leaves you with mild caramel and chocolate on the palette once swallowed.

Pure Colombian – Our standard Colombian coffee is Medellin Excelso, grown in the Central Cordillera. This quality is known for its smooth, well balanced flavour. It also produces lots of heavy body; roasted slightly darker it brings out a lovely nutty taste. Ideal for filter, cafetiere or espresso. The most popular all round original coffee. This Colombian bean is an attractive balance between good acidity, mellow body, and excellent flavour.

Rio Blend – A superb Espresso blend made up of four coffees from around the world which come together to deliver a truly satisfying taste. For those of us who want a sweet coffee without adding sugar look no further! The aroma hits you with hints of dark chocolate, caramel and wild berries. The initial taste is rich citrus and berries which mellows on the palette to reveal a strong body full of caramel & chocolate with a subtle touch of spice. Hidden in the rich caramels you will also detect notes of herbs and grasses, and to finish you are left with and aftertaste of dark chocolate.

Mocha Java Blend – This traditional blend of Indonesian and African beans assert a spicy fragrance and intriguing aroma.  Blended for a rich, full body, and smooth, clean taste to deliver an enjoyable coffee experience. This bean has an unmatched aromatic spiciness, strong vibrant flavour, low acidity, and a rich, smooth, full-bodied character.

  • 4 x 227g ground coffee
  • Suitable for filters & cafetieres

With over 75 years of experience, Smith’s Coffee Company is a family run business which offers a comprehensive range of freshly roasted coffee beans from around the world. The company has a growing reputation for providing the highest standards of quality and service whilst maintaining a competitive pricing policy.

The coffee beans originate from exotic locations around the world famous for their wonderful coffee production and offer a delightful complexity of flavours and aromas. Beans are roasted to order at the company’s Hemel Hempstead factory in Hertfordshire and shipped out the next day to ensure optimum freshness and exceptional taste.