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Smeg Opera A4BL-81 120cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker, B Rated in Black

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Premium build quality designed for serious cooks crafted from 18/10 Stainless Steel to ensure long lasting results. The 120cm Smeg Opera cooker is the perfect platform to show off your culinary skills to family and friends! The 2 large ovens have all the space you could ever need for your Christmas turkey and trimmings and features eclipse black door glass which appears black when switched off but when lit during cooking, becomes translucent ensuring perfect visibility of the interior.

The programmable clock display with touch controls as well as control dials allow easy operation of the ovens and hob which has a huge selection of gas burners including a large fish burner and electric griddle, perfect for searing steak, it is possible to cook several dishes at once with ease. In addition right hand side oven incorporates a built in pizza stone, perfect for stone baking an authentic Italian pizza in as little as 4 to 6 minutes ! It is even supplied with a stainless steel pizza shovel and cover for the stone to protect it when not in use.Finally, store away all the pots and pans after cooking in the large convenient storage drawer.

Circulaire The combination of the fan and circular element around it gives a hot air cooking method. This provides many benefits including no preheat if cook time is more than 20 minutes, no flavour transfer when cooking different foods at the same time, less energy, and shorter cook times. Good for all types of food.

Circogas In gas ovens the fan distributes the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven cavity, avoiding flavour transfer when cooking a number of different dishes at the same time. In electric ovens this combination completes cooking more quickly of foods that are ready on the surface, but that require more cooking inside, without further browning.

Eco The combination of the grill, fan and lower element is particularly suitable for cooking small quantities of food.

Vapor Clean A simple cleaning function using steam to loosen deposits in the oven cavity.

Pizza Function The simultaneous operation of three elements ensures an optimum cooking facility when used with the Smeg pizza stone.

Enamel Interior The enamel interior of all Smeg ovens have a special antacid lining which helps keep the interior clean by reducing the amount of cooking grease adhering to it.

Grill Using of grill gives excellent results when cooking meat of medium and small portions, especially when combined with a rotisserie (where possible). Also ideal for cooking sausages and bacon.

Half Grill For rapid cooking and browning of foods. Best results can be obtained by using the top shelf for small items, the lower shelves for larger ones, such as chops or sausages. For half grill heat is generated only at the centre of the element, so is ideal for smaller quantities.

Fan with Grill The fan reduces the fierce heat from the grill, providing an excellent method of grilling various foods, chops, steaks, sausages etc. giving even browning and heat distribution, without drying out the food. The top two levels recommended for use, and the lower part of the oven can be used to keep items warm at the same time, an excellent facility when cooking a grilled breakfast. Half grill (centre portion only) is ideal for small quantities of food.

Overfill Protection The special overfill protection shuts down the stove in the presence of overflow of liquids.

Electronic Control Allows you to maintain temperature inside the oven with the precision 2- 3 °C. This enables to cook meals that are very sensitive to temperature changes, such as cakes, souffles, puddings.

Telescopic Rails Allows you to pull out the dish and check it without having to remove it from the oven entirely.

Tilting Grill The tilting grill can be easily unhooked to move the heating element and clean the roof of the appliance in one simple step.

EAN: 8017709256814


  • Specifications Sheet
  • Static
  • Fan Assisted
  • Circulaire
  • Eco
  • Small Grill
  • Large Grill
  • Fan Grill (Large)
  • Fan Assisted Bottom
  • Vapor Clean
  • Pizza


Brand Smeg
Capacity 116 L
Colour Black
Dimensions H 95.2 x W 120.0 x D 64.9 cm including handles
Energy Rating B
Fit Type Freestanding
Height 90cm - 110cm
Hob Type Gas
Number Of Burners 6
Number of Ovens 2
Type Range Cooker
Weight 140.2kg
Width 111cm - 120cm