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Osprey 7ft. 2" (218 cm) Bolt Foam Surfboard

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With a brand new design, the Osprey Yellow Bolt Foam Surfboard is sure to stand out from the rest at the beach. The lightness and stability of this board makes it a great beginner board, especially for younger surfers such as children and young adults.

At 7ft, the Osprey Yellow Bolt Foam Surfboard is a great mid-length board that maintains the benefits of smaller and larger boards. Durable and light, this soft surfboard has been strengthened by a wooden stringer core. This stringer is enclosed by closed cell foam technology which repels water, perfect for maintaining buoyancy, even if the board gets damaged or knocked. Using light-weight materials the board is also extremely easy to manoeuvre when in the water meaning more time spent surfing and less time spent in the water.


  • Rounded nose
  • HDPE Slick base
  • Closed cell foam technology to repel water
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Great for beginners
  • High density EPS expanded polystyrene core
  • Leash plug
  • 3 fin system with fin screws


Brand Osprey
Colour Yellow
Dimensions L 218 x W 58 x D 8.9 cm
Material Foam
Tail Square tail
Type Surfboard