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Osprey 6ft (182 cm) Bolt Foam Surfboard

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The Osprey 6ft Blue Bolt Foam Surfboard makes learning to surf so much easier due to its inherit stability. Its high volume keeps it steady when you go to stand up and therefore minimises the likelihood of wiping yourself out within a matter of seconds. The forgiving foam material is also perfect for beginners as it helps absorb and prevent bashes and bangs, meaning more time is spent surfing. At 6ft, this surfboard is a great mid-length board that maintains the benefits of smaller and larger boards. Durable and light, this soft surfboard has been strengthened by a wooden stringer core. This stringer is enclosed by closed cell foam technology which repels water, perfect for maintaining buoyancy, even if the board gets damaged or knocked. Using light-weight materials the board is also extremely easy to manoeuvre when in the water.


  • 3 fin system with fin screws
  • Swallow tail
  • Leash plug
  • Rounded nose
  • HDPE Slick base
  • High density EPS expanded polystyrene core
  • Great for beginners
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Closed cell foam technology to repel water


Brand Osprey
Colour Blue
Dimensions L 182.8 x W 52 x D 7.6 cm
Material Foam
Tail Square tail
Type Surfboard