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Celestron NexStar 102 SLT Refractor Telescope with Fully Automated Hand Control

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This Celestron NexStar 102 SLT telescope is out of this world! Whether you are a new or experienced amateur astronomer, this fantastic NexStar 102 SLT Telescope is for you. It gives you accurate views of land, sky and beyond which will leave you utterly amazed. This short-tube produces bright, clear and crisp images of the Moon, planets, galaxies, nebulae and so much more! The f/6.5 focal ratio ensures that plenty of light reaches your eye, whilst the quality of light is improved thanks to the high quality optical coatings.

With no tools required, the pre-assembled, adjustable high quality stainless steel tripod and quick release fork arms and tubes can be set up in minutes.

A refractor telescope is the traditional expectation of what a telescope looks like. It features a long tube with an objective lens located at the front and the eyepiece at the back. Focusing takes place at the rear of the telescope whilst the front objective lens refracts the light gathered to form a crisp and high contrast image in the eyepiece. Refractor lenses are a rugged design with a sealed tube, making this the perfect choice for those new to star gazing and younger users.  Refractors excel at moon and planetary observations, however are also capable of viewing stars.

An Altazimuth mount or “AZ” is a simple design using two axes to support or rotate the telescope, restricted to up, down, left or right motions. Its simple design makes this mount easy to use and allows a quick manual adjustment by the user. The simplicity of use makes this mount a great choice for a beginner’s telescope, or as a secondary instrument for quick and easy use.  The limitation of this type of mount is if you are planning to view one object all evening, constant small adjustments in all directions will be needed, as the stars and planets rise and set in the sky like the sun.


  • User Manual
  • Fully automatic alignment procedure
  • Fully computerised Altazimuth mount delivers smoother operation and quicker object finding
  • Quick release fork arm mount and optical tube for easy, quick no tool set up
  • Sturdy stainless steel tripod and accessory tray to give you solid support and to ensure everything you need stays close to hand
  • 'The SkyX - First light edition' astronomy software with a 10,000 object database, printable sky maps and 75 enhanced maps.
  • Proven computer control technology
  • Database allows telescope to automatically locate over 4,000 celestial objects including over 600 galaxies, 300 clusters and dozens of beautiful binary stars.
  • SkyAlign technology provides a completely automatic alignment process with no user intervention required
  • Flash upgrade-hand control software for downloading product updates over the internet
  • Internal battery compartment prevents cord wrap during use
  • Includes NSOL telescope control software for basic control of your telescope via the computer
  • Eyepiece 1: 25mm; Magnification: 26x
  • Eyepiece 2: 9mm; Magnification: 73x
  • Light gathering power (compared to human eye): 212x
  • Computerised hand control: Fully computerised/Flash upgradeable


Angular field of view 1.7°
Brand Celestron
Computerised Hand Control Yes
Focal length 660mm
Focal ratio 6.47
Limiting Stellar magnitude 12.5
Magnification 26-73c
Optical coatings Fully multi-coated
Optical design Refractor
Resolution (Dawes) 1.14 Arc seconds
Resolution (Rayleigh) 1.37 Arc seconds
Type Telescope
Weight 8.2kg